Gate Motors Installations

Get Reliable, Safe And Long Lasting Gate Motor Installations Carried Out By The Experts In Gate Motor Installations!

When it comes to Gate Motor Installations, you need to use a professional. Gate Motor Installation company like Gate Motors Gillitts. Even though the process of Installing a Gate Motor is fairly simple. There are many factors you need to take into consideration when deciding on a gate motor. These considerations include:

  • Weight Of Your Gate: How Heavy Is Your Gate?
  • Frequency Of Use: How Often Is Your Gate Used In A Day On Average?
  • What Type Of Gate Do You Have : Is It A Swing Gate Or Sliding Gate?

5 Reasons Why You Need A Gate Motor Installed

Your Gates Are Never Left Open. It Will Keep Your family, Colleges and Pets Safe. Increased Safety, By Opening Your Gates From Within Your Car. Increased Privacy No Uninvited Guests. And Added Value To Your Property.

Gate Motor Installation Services

We offer a range of Gate Motor Installation Services including. Residential Gate Motor Installations. And Commercial Gate Motor Installations. We provide both Swing Gate Motor Installations. And Sliding Gate Motor Installations.

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Sliding Gate Motor Installations

Sliding Gate Motor Installations

We offer Sliding Gate Motor Installations for Sliding Gate Motors. When it comes to sliding gates they most often only consist of a single door which then follows on a track. Sliding gates need a long and narrow space to slide open and slide closed. Sliding gates can be seen with wide entrances or uphill entrances. If you need a Sliding Gate Motor Installed, please give us a call!

Swing Gate Motor Installations

We offer Swing Gate Motor Installations for Swing Gate Motors. Swing gates operate using a rotation arm around a fulcrum like a normal door. Swing gates open inwards and so need a specific amount of space to swing open or swing closed. If you have a swing gate and need a Single Swing Gate Motor Installed. Or a Double Swing Gate Motor Installed, please give us a call.

Swing Gate Motor Installations

Gate Motor Brands We Install

We’re approved installers for a variety of gate motor brands in South Africa. Our qualified and experienced Gate Motor Installation teams offer. Centurion Gate Motors Installations. Nice Hansa Gate Motor Installations. Gemini Gate Motor Installations. And DACE Gate Motor Installations. Our Gate Motor Installation teams will also be able to give you advice on the type of gate motor you should go for.
Centurion Gate Motors
DACE Gate Motors
Gemini Gate Motors
Nice Hansa

So if you are looking for professional Gate Motor Installations at affordable prices. Come to Gate Motors Gillitts. For more information or help on our Gate Motor Installation Service you can call us on 072-220-3030.